Seeds Sprouting from the Compost

I resurrected this blog to see if I can bring it back from the brink of google’s purgatory.

Here’s the story:  Around 2011 I decided to setup by blog as a “dofollow” blog.  Without getting all wonky what that means is that it was setup to give people the ability to comment on a story that I had posted, add some interesting insight, and in return get a link that passed link juice onto that site.  The problem was, although I did my best to filter out obvious comment spam generated by bots, I didn’t do a sufficient job of being team america world police.

Google decided that some of the people my blog started linking out to were “bad actors” in the interweb space and my blog got designed a bad neighborhood by association….No biggie…I wasn’t trying to sell anything.  Well, what happened was, there was no ability to “disavow” incoming links by webmasters so I was being asked at least once a day to go in and remove a link that either they themselves or a previous webmaster had posted in my comments section.

As you might imagine, I had better things to do than go search through 400 comments and look for the one that linked out to a prada handbag that was the offending linker so when my bluehost server got viral meningitis I just decided to let the site die an ignominious death.  It’s unfortunate because some of the content was remarkably good. 🙂  Anyhow, this is just my first post, so i’ll leave it there and promise to step up my game in the near future if I can get the site reindexed and back on its way.  Toodles.